EWSS - External Water Spray System

All pipe is located in the roof space. No unsightly pipe on the roof.

For maximum protection of life and property against bush fires

After years of research and development coupled to an extensive test programme a new EWSS (external water spray system) is now available for protection of life and property in bush fire attack.

In other parts of the world they maybe referred to as Forest fire, Field fire, Wild fire, Brush fire, Grass fire or Cedar fire.

Fire-ProŽ - EWSS is Australia's first professionally designed and manufactured bushfire protection system for new and existing houses, featuring unobtrusive built-in installation with all major components located in the roof space

Fire-ProŽ - EWSS is a cost effective system made from advanced polymer materials that contain non-toxic halogen free flame retardants to inhibit flame propagation.

Fire- ProŽ - EWSS is available as a D.I.Y. system or installed by a Calair Pipe Systems professional.

Major advantages of the Calair system include: