Clean, corrosion-free compressed air pipelines maintain Cello Paper's priority on environmental efficiency

A company that prides itself on environmental responsibility while leading its industry in manufacturing technology has adopted Calair's recyclable compressed air reticulation system Air-Pro to facilitate its growth.

Cello Paper's Fairfield plant in Sydney processes an expanding range of industrial, printing and packaging papers made from both virgin and recycled fibres for customers including food and beverage (inc meat, poultry and fish), manufacturing, medical, packaging, printing and promotional industries.
The company recently introduced clean and corrosion-free Air-Pro polymer pipeline system to the plant to achieve high standards of air purity in a compressed air system that can be readily adapted to changing production needs.

"It is excellent to use when you are engineering pipelines to go around obstacles or to enter new areas - it is so easy to work with," says Cello Paper Production Engineer Mr Michael Reid. "When we are taking production or processing into expanding areas of the plant, it is simple to add branches, rings and drops. And it's fast - there's next to no interruption to production and you don't have to call in trades to do the work," said Mr Reid.

Compressed air system installation Unlike metal welded systems - which frequently have to be junked when production facilities change location - the Calair system can be dismantled, cleanly packed away and reconverted to a new use. Cello Paper's Calair Pro-Pipe II piping and airtight jointing feeds air from its Atlas Copco (type/capacity please) compressor to processing, maintenance and inspection areas where cleanliness and non-corrosion are top priorities, both to protect products and tools.

In addition to energy efficiency (the permanently smooth internal bore never blocks up with corrosion to impair airflow and make compressors work harder) the pipelines cannot degenerate to deposit corrosive particulate into expensive processes and products at Cello Paper.

This is important because Cello Paper's Fairfield plant is equipped with leading industry technology, including computerized control and measuring equipment. Cleanliness and recyclability are also important to their environmental policies, which extend right through the production process, from the purchase of raw materials to the technology with which goods are made.

Another bonus of the system is its insulation efficiency, which means it performs well in industrial environments, such as paper production, where there are changes in ambient temperature that can produce condensation.
"Because polymer insulates better than metal piping, it isn't as prone to condensation as hot air meets cold pipes. This further increases the quality of the air supply and reduces the need for filtration of liquid from the airstream.