Just what the doctor ordered - Australian pneumatic system proves its purity in Vietnam

A compressed air and pneumatic reticulation system designed for cleanliness, easy installation and adaptability to changing needs has proved its credentials in one of the most challenging installations possible - operating theatres in a remote Vietnamese hospital.

CalAir Pipe Systems' Pro Pipe II system has been used by Engineering and Compressor Services Ltd, of Christchurch, New Zealand, for the project involving a 600-bed hospital at Bong Son, Bin Dihn Province, in central southern Vietnam.
More typically used in high-purity food, beverage, manufacturing and materials handling, packaging and processing applications, the non-corrosive CalAir pipe system proved ideal for a breathable air system being installed by Engineering and Compressor Services for the New Zealand Vietnam Health Trust.

"The system's lightness and ease of installation was invaluable when we were confronted with parapets, obtuse angles and many differing levels in the job," said Project Manager Rob Meier.

The durable but lightweight piping system - which is eight times lighter than equivalent conventional galvanised steel products and which won't corrode to inhibit airflow or foul air feed - saved considerable time when compared with more labor-intensive metal alternatives, he said. It is also simple to extend and change as the hospital grows.
"The quick assembly of the system's joiners, elbows, drains etc enabled us to complete the job very rapidly. The polymer product's intrinsically clean nature avoided the contamination problems that can arise from cutting and threading gal pipe. Elimination of this cutting and threading also saved a great deal of time. The entire 400 metre reticulation system was installed inside 24 hours, supplying four theatres, a recovery ward and a further medical unit," said Mr Meier.

"Being stable in the high temperatures encountered in Vietnam was a bonus," said Mr Meier, who bracketed the 25mm CalAir piping every 750mm to provide doublesafe installation standards. "It has proved very satisfactory in service and certainly impressed the locals with its ease of installation," said Mr Meier, who, in accordance with the aims of the New Zealand Vietnam Health Trust, used the project to mentor their Vietnamese counterparts in all aspects of the installation.