Compression Fittings

The Pro-Pipe II compression range can be used to extend existing pipe work of steel or copper and to connect to ancillary equipment such as filters/regulators and quick connectors.These items can simply be screwed into the relevent fitting which is threaded BSP. An airtight seal is provided by an 'O'-Ring within the fitting which is maintained even in deflected angles of up to 30 deg. Pullout is prevented by a grip-ring which bites into the pipe.

Compression type fitting

The use of Calair Support Clips are highly recommended as they will considerably speed up installation and provide a positive method of location, they will also assist in the removal of pipe for modification.

No expensive skilled labour is needed for installation, reconfiguring or recycling of the Pro-Pipe II compression range - just simple ring wrenches, used by normal factory labour after minutes of training. They can be quickly and easily demounted for changes to reticulation systems as plant needs change.

Socket Fusion Fittings

The Pro-Pipe II socket fusion range features the same clean, low-friction and non-corrosive qualities of the compression fittings range, which are valued in a huge number of applications because they are far easier and faster to erect than alternative systems.The socket fusion range of fittings are offered as a low-cost permanent alternative to the standard range of compression fittings.

Socket Fusion fittings


The socket fusion joint system is assembled using electric socket fusion welders.
The standard socket fusion threaded joints are made from Nickel plated Brass however for chemically aggressive enviroments we can offer these fittings made from 316 Stainless Steel

Our socket fusion products which complements our internationally successful compression fitting systems - is designed to provide another dimension to the CalAir product range. This will enable users to select the ideal CalAir jointing system most suited and most cost-effective for their ongoing needs.